An extremely simple commented PDO example

I made a fast and extremely simple example of PHP’s own PDO class to handle a MySQL database for my class example. We will need a database table called ‘task’ in a MySQL server running on localhost for this to work. The table contains two fields:

name VARCHAR(64)

Now the PHP side, here’s the ‘Index.php’ file:

    include 'PDO.php'; // 1
    $result = getTodo(); // 2
<!doctype html>
    <meta charset="utf8" />
    <h2>Todo list:</h2>
        foreach($result as $row) { // 3
            echo $row['id'] . ' ' . $row['name']; // 4
  1. Includes the PDO class file
  2. Calls the function ‘getTodo()’ in ‘PDO.php’, which returns all rows in the task table to the ‘$result’ variable
  3. Goes through the table of rows returned in the variable ‘$result’
  4. Each ‘$row’ is a row in the database table, here we print out the ID and the task name

Here’s the ‘PDO.php’ file, that will do all the talking with my database:

    function getConn() { // 1
        return new PDO('mysql:host=localhost;dbname=todo', 'pasteUserHere', 'pastePasswordHere' ); // 2

    function getTodo() { // 3
        $db = getConn(); // 4
        $stmt = $db->prepare("SELECT id, name FROM task"); // 5
        $stmt->execute(); // 6
        return $stmt->fetchAll(); // 7
  1. A separate function for the PDO connection, so it doesn’t need to be repeated
  2. Returns the PDO connection to the function caller (set your own information below)
  3. Function to get all the tasks out of the database
  4. Get the connection from the function above into the variable ‘$db’
  5. Prepare the select clause, with this you can also easily use prepared statements
  6. Execute the SQL command
  7. Return all the database rows to the function caller



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